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Have you ever heard of the term "three phase and single phase meters"? If you have applied for a meter service from ECG, my guess is that you might have heard of these terms. But what are three phase and single phase meters? And what are the differences? I am sure you must be wondering why you must even care, after all, all that you need as a customer is a service. However, it is worth having an understanding of the types of services ECG provides, and which one will best meet your need. I would say you need this understanding even before you get your house or property wired by a qualified electrician.

It is very important, since the three phase and single phase terminologies are not just words but in most cases have financial implications. The type of wiring in your residence or a commercial property could be meant for a three phase or single phase connection. Knowing the kind of connection you actually need beforehand will save you some unnecessary expenditure.  Let me try and give it a shot without sounding too technical.

Applying for a meter service should not be stressful. Some customers are not aware of the procedure, processes and cost when they are in need of a meter service. Here are six things you need to know before you apply for a meter service from ECG:

1. Meters are not sold but come with a service charge

Contrary to the perception held by most of our customers, meters are not for sale. Customers only make a one-time contribution towards its installation and maintenance. The amount paid at the time of applying for a service does not include the cost of the meter. Depending on the type of service being applied for, a customer could make some capital contribution towards the materials used in drawing service e.g. Conductors, poles and accessories.


Adapted by: Ebenezer Sarfo Adu

I’m not much of a Football fan. Typically, I only tune in when Ghana is playing, and the Ghanaian pride in me arises. I feel it is a waste of time to spend 90minutes to watch a football match when I don’t have any impact on the game being played. I prefer keeping up with the scores whenever my team is playing.

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When were you employed in ECG?

I was employed in January, 1994 as an Assistant Electrical Engineer with the Engineering Directorate. Specifically with the Design and Construction Division.

Why did you choose ECG?

After completing my National Service with the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority, Tema, I began looking for a permanent job.  Having read Electrical and Electronic Engineering and majoring in Power, I was interested in a company that was power related.  My first option was thus ECG, the name behind Electricity in Ghana.I applied alongside a lot of my classmates from KNUST and out of a class of 24 who graduated in 1992 most of us were employed by ECG.


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