ECG Celebrates 50years. +++ 50 Years of Powering the Socio-Economic Growth and Development of Ghana

By: Ebenezer Sarfo Adu

It was my first lesson in Applied Electricity Class at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST). My lecturer, Prof. Okyere’s opening statement was, “I know most of you think that low voltage and low current can be used interchangeably. But there is a difference. I will try as much as possible to clarify this, using terms that will not complicate the issue.”


Editors Note: The #powerthedream series seeks to bring to the lime light, staff of ECG whose life have been impacted in one way or the other by ECG. The main focus is about highlighting the success story of staff whom ECG has helped realized their dreams.

"ECG made it possible for me to become who I am today. I doubt if I could have achieved this much in any other company".

These were the very words of George Eduful as I sat in his office to interview him on how ECG has impacted on his dreams and aspirations.


Most of ECG customers are left in the dark as a result of misinformation or the lack of information about our operations. As a business that relies solely on power sales for revenue, keeping the power on is our main priority. However like all other utilities around the globe, there are situations that are mostly outside our control which result in outages. This article seeks to address major concerns raised by our customers on outages and inform them on the appropriate actions to take when there is an outage.


As a Trainee Control Engineer, my main assignment is to receive and reply to phone calls from customers, reports from fault men, district and maintenance engineers.

I was on duty one Saturday evening when the phone rang. I answered.

Control Engineer: Good evening, ECG control room. XXX speaking. How may I help you?

Customer: My name is Mr. XXXXX, calling from XXXXX. My light has been off since morning. Although it was supposed to come on around 6:00pm, I still don’t have light. It is 8:00pm, gentleman! Why?


ECG at 50



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