ECG Celebrates 50years. +++ 50 Years of Powering the Socio-Economic Growth and Development of Ghana



It is interesting to note that little seems to be changing in the electricity distribution and transmission sector, although technology is increasingly making life beautiful; and work, a whole lot easier. Utilities worldwide have been slow in the adoption of smart grids, just as network and substation construction have not been much revised.

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As I boarded the O.A bus from Bolgatanga to Accra, I gave a sigh of relief from the mighty harmattan which had wrestled me throughout my entire stay during the Christmas holidays. Little did I know that the grass along both sides of the road had had their own share of pain from the devastating twin brother (fire) of the harmattan. As flood washes away structures elsewhere in the capital, fire swoops the entire grassland in the Savanna belt of Ghana.What a pity!!!


ECG at 50



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