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By: Ebenezer Sarfo Adu

We all are aware that we live in a Country of a hot climate, and which is why almost everyone wants to have air-conditioning units inside their homes. However, the Air-conditioner is one of the high energy-consuming appliances, making it expensive to use. Most of us will therefore go for fans to cool our rooms for economic reasons. Fans and air-conditioners operate with different principles and this can be confusing for some users.

The air-conditioner extracts heat from a confined space, by cooling the air in that environment. This is how the Air-conditioner works:

By Persis Joyce Abraham

There are 1001 myths in the system as to what to do when involved in scenarios you might find harmless. Popular thinking has inspired people to come up with their own theories when in the middle of accidents, and this, results mostly in lost lives and properties. One of such thinking is that you leave the car because you might be electrocuted in it since it has metallic features. There is also the myth that you need to flee the scene with a run and make sure you are clear of the entire zone before you call for help.


By Ing. Frederick K. Bediako  


It’s July 1991, the clouds are gathering, the trees are whistling, birds are chirping; the wind blows stronger; a clear indication of a rainfall. As the temperatures drop and the sky becomes increasingly darker due to heavy cloud formation the possibility of rainfall becomes more realistic. A mother following this natural phenomenon closely and very much convinced of rainfall instructs her 11year old son in twi; “Kwabena, ko dum fridgi no” literally translated as “Kwabena, go and put the fridge off”. The boy does as instructed and just after that the rains come in and the lights go off.

As we ushered into 2017, a lot of people might have made New Year resolutions to follow especially with regards to their finances. One major way you can free up some cash in 2017 is by reducing expenditure on household be it entertainment, water or electricity. A chunk of our income is swallowed by these household bills. A lot of us would be happy if we could come with some trick to lessen these bills since they are recurrent and incurred every month. So how can one effectively cut his/her electricity monthly bill?


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