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Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

In this festive season as we celebrate the birth of Christ, the theme is Love and it has to be spread around. As a worker of ECG in the Customer Service Department, I always empathise with customers whenever there are outages. The discomfort is most often felt in their complaints in the language and the tone used.

“Why are you causing so much trouble?”

“Why are you so wicked, you couldn’t spare us even during these holidays?”

“As usual …… Just making our lives miserable”


These are just but a few of customer complaints. In this digital age, power supply is very critical in all spheres of life. ECG as a Company has been at the receiving end of Customers demand for a deserved high standard in the reliability and availability of power. With electricity as a basic need in modern lifestyles, an hour of an outage has ramifications on health, communications, food supply, shelter among others. Electricity is an integral part of our lives today. From charging our phones/laptops, to warming/cooling of our foods and cooling our rooms on a sunny/humid day. We need electricity to do all these. Corporate bodies and industries are not left out - It is near impossible for any business to run without electricity. Church services are disrupted whenever there is a power cut, parties come to a standstill whenever the lights go out. It is for the above reasons that ECG Customers expect uninterrupted power supply everyday especially during this festive season to help Customers celebrate the occasion in diverse ways. The workers of ECG who also live within the various communities expect the lights to stay on so they can spend memorable times with their families. 

It is worth noting that employees of ECG who would be away from their families and loved ones to ensure that the power stays on and attend to faults as and when they occur. Anytime that there's an outage and power restored late in the night, let's remember that there was an ECG employee who had to stay out in probably difficult environment to repair a faulty condition. A friend in the Insurance sector narrated an ordeal they go through during festive periods because the banking sector lamented that Customers withdraw the most during the festive season. Therefore he and his colleagues have no choice but to stay throughout the festive season to ensure that customers are satisfied. This is a growing trend in customer services where employees will have to sacrifice to ensure their companies meet their customers’ needs. Yes they are being paid and that it is required of them to give us the best of services. However, we must also remember that at the end of the day, these individuals are also just like you and I. They have families to go to yet duty demands that they stay at work. Throughout the festive season, my colleagues especially in Operations Directorate,  would be at post manning the network to ensure that we enjoy our holidays with our families. It is therefore important, that we take time to acknowledge the sacrifices and put ourselves in their shoes. As the lights stay on throughout Christmas and New Year, let us remember, there is a family man/woman out there ensuring that we enjoy this power. When the lights go out, take a second to think of that individual out there whose duty is to ensure that your power is brought back as soon as possible. He is just like you and I.

Let us in this season of Love, show love to customers and employees as well. We can all be at the other side of the coin anytime. Let us remember the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


By: Ebenezer Sarfo Adu



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