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#WomenOfPower - Interview with Ing. Sariel Etwire(Mrs), General Manager/Metering and Technical Services

Name: Ing. Sariel Etwire (MRS)


When were you employed in ECG?
I started working with ECG on the 20th November 1995

Why did you choose ECG?
As an Electrical Engineer, I wanted to apply my profession to delight a wide customer base and also make the world a better place. I also considered the culture and policies of the company in relation to women and it was favourable to me.   

What challenges do you face as a woman with the position you hold in ECG.
Being the only lady in a class of 40 in the University, I have gained a lot of experience on relating to and leading men in a male dominated industry and division. I use my knowledge and skills to lead, manage and direct activities and people. It has not always been easy but I complement it with good human relations.

How do you manage the home with work?
I generally like taking care of myself and household on Saturdays and Sundays. After doing likewise for others from Monday to Friday. On weekdays I rely on the support of family members and they have been very supportive.

How do you find working with ECG?
Generally, it has been interesting and sometimes challenging. I have supervised various projects with unique deliverables. Had to satisfy various stakeholder Expectations as well as lead a balanced life as well.

What Advice will you give to women who are interested in working with ECG or a male dominated company?
They should take up the opportunity and work with men as reliable partners. They should be aware that there are more successful women in such sectors who can be role models.



Editors Note: Behind every organisation are #WomenOfPower. These women blaze the trail against all odds and play a pivotal role in the success of any organisation. These women inspire us each day as the combine managing the home and their careers. ECG would also like to appreciate the Women of Power behind our success. In the third of our series of #WomenOfPower, are some women in strategic Positions. 


Interview By:
Harriet Banful (Snr Public Relations Assistant)


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