Dan Adjei-Larbi

Mr. Dan Adjei-Larbi is an accomplished professional with over twenty years’ experience in Senior and Management positions as a Public Relations practitioner and other varied professions.  His aim has been focused on helping to create social capital for organizations through strategic social investment for mutually beneficial relationships between the organization and its various stakeholders.  

His educational background spans from a Diploma in Public Relations from the Ghana Institute of Journalism, a Graduate Diploma in Strategic Management, from IPMA, London-UK, and an MBA in Strategic and Project Management from the Paris Graduate School of Management, France. He has participated in a number of conferences and workshops as well as short courses both local and international.

Mr. Adjei-Larbi previously worked with the then Internal Revenue Service (IRS), now Ghana Revenue Authority as a Public Relations Officer. He was part of the core professionals who started the VAT project on secondment from IRS before joining the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) Limited in a similar capacity. At a time in his work at ECG, he was transferred to the Ashanti Regional office of the Company to set up and manage the relationship between the Company and its Publics which had been negative for a long while. He had to focus on reorienting the management and staff and managing their relationships with customers, ensuring they are aware of the essential role the customer plays in the sustenance of their Company and thereby their livelihood. 

After a year’s stay in the Ashanti Regional Office, he was again transferred to the Western Region with similar mandates as he was given for the Ashanti Region. In 2012, he started working at the Head Office as the Manager for Public Relations. He has also served as the General Manager in charge of the office of the Managing Director of ECG where he coordinated and managed stakeholder consultations and oversaw the progress of work with regards to special initiatives by the Managing Director as well as managing corporate social responsibility issues. 

Mr. Adjei-Larbi is currently the General Manager responsible for Public Relations and Communications at ECG. He is an accredited member of the Institute of Public Relations, Ghana and a member of the International Industrial Relations Association and the Academy of Regulatory Professionals. 




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