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How do you estimate my restoration time?

Estimated restoration times fall into two categories: normal operations and storm operations. Many factors affect how we determine your estimated restoration time.

During normal operations, our system establishes an initial estimated restoration time based on historical data of post outage experience. Once a crew arrives on site and evaluates the situation, the estimated restoration time may be updated.

During storm operations, we follow five steps:

  1. Planning. As storms are predicted, staffing and response coordination is scheduled. ECG stands ready to restore your power as soon as it is safe to do so.
  2. Assess the damage. Our crews work as quickly and safely as possible to assess the damage. Through it is expected that many customers will be restored sooner, our system estimates 48 hours from the start of the event. More specific estimated times of restorations will be provided as soon as damage assessments can be completed. If you have damage to the electric service on your home, a licensed electrician may need to make repairs before we can safely restore your power.
  3. Restoration begins. Restoration efforts are underway as weather and safety conditions permit. Our workers will focus on restoring power to critical infrastructure first, such as transmission lines and substations, as this will restore power to larger groups of customers at once. Emergency facilities such as hospitals will also be prioritized. Assessments continue and restoration times are updated as more information becomes available.
  4. Restoration continues. Progress continues as we work to repair damage from the storm. Crews are working on many locations throughout the affected areas. Safety of our customers and our workers is our top priority, so we appreciate your patience as we restore power as quickly as possible.
  5. Restoration complete. Power has been restored to all affected customers. If your neighbors have power but you do not, please contact us on 0302 611-611.

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