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Why does the power go out?

There are scheduled outages and unexpected outages.

Scheduled Outages
You may receive a notice or a phone call about a scheduled outage that will interrupt your service. It means crews will be performing maintenance or upgrading equipment that serves you or your neighborhood.

We'll let you know a day in advance and try to be as accurate as possible, but the outage may not begin or end at the exact time. Occasionally, weather and operational issues may cancel a scheduled outage.

Unexpected Outages
Our crews work around the clock to restore service following a variety of unexpected outage causes:

Weather — Lightning, wind, rain, excessive heat/cold that may have impacted our electrical equipment.

Equipment — Wear and tear. Many things fall under this category. Could include overhead electrical equipment, underground electrical equipment and transmission equipment. This could include small connections at the customer's residence to transmission lines that serve thousands of customers.

Miscellaneous — Mechanical damage, construction error, fire, etc.

Animal — Contact with electrical equipment.

Trees — Fallen trees, branches, tree growth into equipment.

Human — Accidents, vandalism or other human caused outages


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