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Disconnection is the deliberate and temporary curtailment of power supply to the premises of Customers’ as a result of Non - payment of bills or illegal connection or unauthorized extension of supply.

It is a very unpleasant experience for the affected Customer as well as ECG and a waste of both Human and material resources.




  • It is inconvenient for the Customer
  • Production comes to an end
  • The Company loses Revenue


  • Pay your Bill promptly
  • Pay some amount on your account even if your Bill is delayed.
  • Get in touch with an ECG Customer Services Center nearest to you in case you have any problem with your Bill


ECG has the rights to disconnect supply temporarily when necessary, to enable it carry out repairs, maintenance and other essential work on distribution mains, service cables or equipment, in order to connect other Customers.

Notice of such temporary disconnection shall normally be given by the Company.

In other cases where supply is disconnected by reason of Non – Payment of charges, supply will be reconnected after all outstanding charges and reconnection fees are paid by the Customer.



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