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Illegal Connection


An Illegal connection is the drawing or tapping of power from the Electrical Mains without Official approval or the unauthorized reconnection of officially disconnected premises:

It includes the following:

Illegal Direct ConnectionThis occurs when the customer connects electricity supply to his premises without a meter

Illegal Meter Transfer - This occurs when a customer  / applicant  removes a legally installed meter from its original location to another location without the approval of ECG and or payment of the necessary charges by the customer / applicant.

Meter Tampering  -  -  A customer is said to have tampered with ECG Meter when the meter has had its original seals removed / damaged / replaced with another of the same or different kind.

When the potential links are loosed or completely removed by the customer or his agent / attendants

When the terminal for the source voltage (in – coming cables) are linked to the load cables (out – going) in the meter

When anything is done to slow down to slow down the meter or causes the meter to be physically damaged

Meter by–pass - This is when a customer  / applicant connects portions or all of his load (gadgets) without passing through the meter although a meter has been installed for the customer 

Illegal Network Extensions - This is when a customer extends an existing ECG Distribution/transmission network to his site without approval from ECG.

Here the premises might have been connected to the new construction or not yet connected. In some cases, the illegal construction is unearthed several months after a legal meter has been installed on the illegally constructed network. 

Illegal Distribution of Service supply - This occurs when an applicant  / customer who has acquired supply legally decides to extend the supply to his neighbours for a benefit or no benefit without a written authorization

Self – Reconnection after Disconnection – A customer may be disconnected for some reasons such as violation of any of the above, owing a bill, safety reasons, default on an agreed payment

An Illegal Connection is an offense subject to arrest and prosecution


  • Overloading of Transformers and Lines
  • Poor Electricity Supply of the premises
  • Possible damage to Electrical Appliances
  • Risk of fire outbreak on the premises

The General Public should note that there is a cash reward for every informant on power theft when it is confirmed.

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