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Switch off the mains if you are not charging the mobile phone. A mobile phone charger plugged in but not charging consumes 0.048kWh/day which amount to 7.20kWh/year






Standby electricity is the energy consumed by appliance when they are not performing their main functions or when they are switched off. The energy wasted in this manner is commonly referred to as “standby loss” or “leaking electricity”. Most people are not aware of the fact that modern electrical and electronic appliance, even those having on/off switches, consumes power for standby functions that include features such as powering off the built-in clock or memory, displaying information, responding to remove controls or programming, charging of batteries, etc. when deciding on what appliance to buy, choose the one that consumes less than 1watt in standby mode. Appliances to watch out for standby electricity consumption include, TVs with R/C, DVD players, sounds Systems, Computers, Cordless Phones etc.


Air-conditioners consume a lot of electricity as they are common in offices and run for long hours. To reduce consumption of electricity, the follow steps should be followed:


Buy efficient air-conditioners. Look out for the yellow label and the black stars. The more the stars, the more efficient the application, no label no good!

The room should be well sealed and well curtained to avoid warm air entering the room through vent and conduction.

If you are going out for more than 30 minutes, the air conditioners should be turned off.





The work of a fan is to turn the air in a particular area so that the place will not be too warm. It is therefore important that the area be well ventilated to enable the fan function efficiently. If the following steps are followed, one can enjoy the fan to its maximum;



Open windows to allow more into the room so that the fan can circulate it well to lower the temperature. Circulation of trapped air in closed room by fans lead to warming of rooms;

Avoid the use of incandescent lamps as they produce heat. The work of the fan will not be fully felt as the air in the room will be warmed by the incandescent lamp.







  • Turn off TV and video sets that are not being watched. Children especially are likely to leave a set on when called outside to play.
  • Do not switch on the TV at the same time that the radio or Hi-Fi system has been switched on. Listening is ineffective at this point. Effectively, a TV can be watched by selecting specific programmes rather than leaving it on continuously.







When selecting a central air conditioning unit, be sure to choose one with the proper capacity and highest efficiency.

Install a whole house ventilating fan in your attic or in an upstairs window to help air circulate in your home. Although not a replacement for a central air conditioning system, a fan is an effective way to stay comfortable on milder days.

Set your thermostat at 25 degrees Celsius, which is a reasonably comfortable and energy efficient indoor temperature.

Avoid setting your thermostat at a colder temperature 20 Cooling Systems than normal when you turn your air conditioner on. This is to eliminate long cooling periods as it will cool

to a lower temperature than you need and use more energy.

Consider using a ceiling fan with your window air conditioner to spread the cooled air to other rooms. But be sure the air conditioner is large enough to cool the additional space.

Don’t place lamps or television sets near your thermostat. Heat from these appliances is sensed by the thermostat and could cause your system to run longer than necessary.

Clean or replace air conditioning filters. Dirty air filters should be cleaned or replaced every month. Foam filters can be rinsed with water and wrung dry. Fiberglass filter needs to be replaced regularly.

No matter what kind of central air conditioning system you have, clean the outside condenser coil once a year. To clean, turn off the unit and spray coils with water at a low pressure. (High water pressure may bend the fins.)

Use duct tape to seal the cracks between each section of an air duct on your central conditioning or forced heating system.



Electric irons, like electric water heaters are high electricity consuming appliances.

Do all your ironing in bulk. Each time you put off the iron for it to cool and put it on again, you draw a lot of energy that could have ironed one shirt.

Make sure you are ready to iron before switching on the iron in order not to waste too much time and energy. For example do not watch television whilst you do ironing since you are likely to loose concentration and waste time unnecessarily.






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