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Use the smallest pan necessary to do the job. Smaller pans require less energy.

Match the pan size to the element size. A 15cm pan on a 20cm burner will waste over 40% of the heat produced by the burner. The most efficient utensils are those with straight sides an flat bases because contact with the unit.

To prevent utensils from developing round bases do not immerse hot utensils in cold or lukewarm water.

The lids of all utensils should be tight-fitting.

Consider medium weight aluminum utensils with bright, shinny exteriors. They heat quickly and provide good heat distribution.

Keep the burner pans which accumulate oil, clean and shiny, so that they will be more effective at reflecting heat up to the utensil. Blackened burner pans absorb a lot of heat, reducing burner efficiency.

Turn off the burner just before the end of the cooking. The burner will continue to radiate heat for a little white.

To reduce cooking time, defrost frozen foods before cooking.

When the oven is being pre-heated for baking, keep the preheat time to a minimum and set the control at the temperature needed for the baking.

Food cooks more quickly and more efficiently when air can circulate freely. Thus when possible, stagger pans on upper and lower racks to improve air flow if you are baking in more than one pan.

Avoid overcooking, which not only spoils the taste and reduces nutritional value, but also wastes energy.

Use the full oven capacity when possible.

Do not open the oven door for frequent peeping. Each time the door is opened, a significant amount of heat escapes, food takes longer to cook and energy is wasted.

If you have a self-cleaning oven, use this feature only once in a while, and just after you have cooked a meal - that way the oven will still be hot and the cleaning feature will require less energy.

For a new cooker consider the one which incorporates a fan to circulate the hot air. This feature reduces energy consumption by 20% compared with the standard ones.


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