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Power the Dream: An interview with George Eduful - Manager/ Engineering Research


Editor's Note: The #powerthedream series seeks to bring to the limelight, staffs of ECG whose life have been impacted in one way or the other by ECG. The main focus is about highlighting the success story of staff whom ECG has helped realized their dreams.

The first in the series is with Mr. George Eduful(G.E). He is one person whose story carries a lot of motivation and encouragement to the youth knowing where he came from and where he is at the moment.

The Digital Media Team(D.M.T) walked into Mr. Eduful’s office on 22nd April, 2016 to meet a desk with lots of files, papers and books and it set us wondering if he had any social life looking at the clusters of heaps on his desk.

Now let’s get closer and see what George has for us.

D.M.T:  Good afternoon sir, we are Digital Media team of ECG and we would like to take a little of your time to have an interview with you for our Interview Section on ECG’s website.

G.E:        Good afternoon and thank you for the honour.

D.M.T: So who is Mr. George Eduful?   

G.E:        George is a man who was born in 1968 at Tema. Currently married to a beautiful Electrical Engineer with four kids. His life ambition is anchored on a saying by a famous Ghanaian writer Ephraim Amo that says the heart, eyes and mind must all grow. This belief is what inspires George to achieve anything he has ever achieved in his short stay in life in his career and academic pursuits. Because he believes that one must develop in all aspects of life equally.

D.M.T: What motivates George?

G.E:        George is motivated by the desire to recognize a need in society and to come up with ways of solving that need.

D.M.T: So how and when did George join ECG and how has he risen through the Ranks to the     level of a Sectional Manager?

G.E:        I joined ECG as an Electrical trainee in 1993 and after two years I was posted to Takoradi as a Senior Artisan. Whiles there, I realized I was within the junior ranks and could rise higher so I did self tuitioning and I wrote the Electrical Engineering Technical exam part 2 and 3 and came out successful so I was promoted as a senior officer in the capacity of Assistant Technician Engineer. Still determined to rise higher, I got a post graduate diploma (Part 7 of the City and Guilds,UK) which is equivalent to a degree and later enrolled at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology for my master’s degree in Electrical Engineering. Currently, I am awaiting my Congregation in July at University of Mines and Technology for my PhD. That’s on the academic pedestal.

Professionally, I applied to the United Kingdom Council of Chartered Engineers to be registered as a professional engineer. I was first registered as an Incorporated Engineer and two years later I was called back to be registered as a chartered engineer but this even though doesn’t usually come easy, I managed to go through easily because I already had some of the major requirements which is for you to identify a problem in your field and provided a solution and a publication. I was invited over to make my presentation in UK and three weeks later I was enlisted as a chartered engineer.

D.M.T: So George how has ECG contributed to this great level of success attained so far?

G.E:        I will start from my PhD, I got a full scholarship with study leave from ECG to pursue the program. But I still combined the schooling with work which was quite stressful I must say.               

D.M.T: Wow, so how did you manage to do this and how long did it take you?  

G.E:        I had a study leave and was supposed to stay away from work however I decided to work so I was taking intermittent or short leaves from work and it took me 2 years to finish and submit my thesis but left to external supervisors, I finally finished in 3 years.

DMT:     So back to ECG and how you were helped by the company?

G.E:        Yes. And ECG gave me the opportunity right from the start as a Trainee, then a Senior Artisan, Technician Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Senior Electrical Engineering and now the Manager Engineering Research.

I quite remember my first international presentation in USA was fully sponsored by ECG. My Regional General Manager in Ashanti Region at the time, Alhaji Kura encouraged me to talk to Cephas Gakpoe (Director of Engineering at the time) about the opportunity. After my first another opportunity came again but before I left, Mr Gakpoe had spoken to me about a transfer to Research and Development department and before I returned from my trip, a transfer letter was already awaiting me in Ashanti Region. Even though it was quite a tough decision, I thought about it and realized it served my interest and desire since Research was an area I loved.

I moved to Accra and to my dismay, research then was limited to computer and internet activity. There was no practical aspect to it. I managed to initiate a project with KNUST and ECG fully funded the project.

From there, the Section was upgraded to a Division, we purchased some equipment and electrical software programs to now help us undertake investigative research properly and also to monitor the progress of the research.

D.M.T:  I know you are currently the chairman for IEEE (Institute of Electrical/Electronic Engineers) Ghana Chapter. How did your relationship with IEEE start?

G.E:        Yes I have been a member for 10years now, 5years ago a chapter was created in Ghana and in the past two years, I have been the President of the Ghana branch of IEEE.

D.M.T:  So now what is the way forward for you?

G.E:        Now is the time I need to give back to society and the community that helped build me up.

Last year, I took up a free one-year lecturing appointment at the Accra Institute of Technology

In ECG, I have started training my division members along the lines of research presentation and publication. So we do have monthly presentation meetings. Also, I involve some of my members in research works. I will be doing a presentation in the UK soon with one of the young people in the department which will be his second.

Presently, there’s a pilot project ongoing in Harmonics; which has to do with ways by which we can reduce if not eradicate the unnecessary power loss as a result of unwanted signals in our power system leading to the generation of heat that cause a huge energy loss; a loss huge enough to supply an entire area. I did a research along these lines and we secured equipment from USA and India to do this pilot study

D.M.T:  We will be hoping to get an educative write up on Harmonics from you and your team.

How many papers/publications do you have to your credit?

G.E:        I can count about 50 or more publications and peer reviewed papers. And in all this ECG has been very resourceful. And we will certainly come up with the write-up.

D.M.T:  Your life really seem busy with papers and publications even judging by the piles on your desk, do you have a social life?

G.E:        Yes I do. In fact, one of my hobbies is swimming and watching television with the family, spending time with them.

D.M.T:  What will be your final words to the youth?

G.E:        The power of Focus is my advice. I will admonish them to really focus on whatever their passion is or find themselves doing. They should stick to the goal and fight on.

Oh and there do still avenues for scholarships for anyone desire to climb higher in the field of academia in ECG. The current managing director is determined to support more of the young ones.   

D.M.T:  On behalf of my team, I will like to thank you for your time



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