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#WomenOfPower - Interview with Ezra Ama Otu-Ansah(Mrs), Human Resource Manager

Name: Ezra Ama Otu-Ansah (MRS)


When were you employed in ECG?

22nd January 2001

Why did you choose ECG?

I was motivated to work with ECG because of the unique services rendered i.e. electricity distribution as well as the many professionals in the organisation. I am a person that love to take any challenge and opportunity for growth. As long as I am contributing and I continue to develop and grow, I gain satisfaction.

 What challenges do you face as a woman with the position you hold in ECG?

There are no challenges peculiar to me being a woman in this position. 

How do you manage the home with work?

To combine both work and managing my home requires a lot of leadership; to inspire, delegate and collaborate. I delegate some of the work at the Center and inspire the delegated person to execute to expectation. I carry out most of the cooking and washing on weekends. I relax after to rejuvenate for the next day’s work during weekdays

How do you find working with ECG?

ECG is a family. It is a wonderful and enjoyable place to work. Most of the policies are favourable to employees. We have a lot of female role models to learn from. We have excellent policies and practices that focus on staff welfare

What Advice will you give to women who are interested in working with ECG or a perceived male-dominated company?

My advice to them is to be confident that they have the capability to do anything they put their mind to. In the case of ECG, they do not have worry about unfair treatment based on gender. They must maintain and be mindful that success is not dependent on gender.



Editors Note: Behind every organisation are #WomenOfPower. These women blaze the trail against all odds and play a pivotal role in the success of any organisation. These women inspire us each day as the combine managing the home and their careers. ECG would also like to appreciate the Women of Power behind our success. In the third of our series of #WomenOfPower, are some women in strategic Positions. 


Interview By:
Harriet Banful (Snr Public Relations Assistant)


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