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The Electricity Company of Ghana Limited wishes to apologise to our Customers on the BOT prepayment system over the long delays they are experiencing in their bid to vend. +++ This situation is as a result of work in progress to completely resolve the initial challenge and normalize the BOT prepayment business process. +++ Once again we sincerely apologise for the inconvenience.

Hello Customer,

Thank you for visiting ECG’S website. ECG is here to provide the requisite information and support to our numerous and cherished customers and stakeholders. In this rapidly changing technological world, where digital media is reigning supreme, ECG, as a customer-oriented organisation deems it crucial to engage our customers via social media. It is against this backdrop that ECG as a Company has launched this Digital Media strategy to engage customers online with the aim of improving customer communication.

Currently, we are on three social media platforms namely Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Additionally, we have redesigned our website to help our customers experience our services with various new features. The outage centre on the website keeps our customers in the loop on planned maintenance works and unplanned outages(faults).




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