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ECG Celebrates 50years. +++ 50 Years of Powering the Socio-Economic Growth and Development of Ghana

Message from the Managing Director

Hello Customer,

Thank you for visiting ECG’S website. ECG is here to provide the requisite information and support to our numerous and cherished customers and stakeholders. In this rapidly changing technological world, where digital media is reigning supreme, ECG, as a customer-oriented organisation deems it crucial to engage our customers via social media. It is against this backdrop that ECG as a Company has launched this Digital Media strategy to engage customers online with the aim of improving customer communication.

Currently, we are on three social media platforms namely Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Additionally, we have redesigned our website to help our customers experience our services with various new features. The outage centre on the website keeps our customers in the loop on planned maintenance works and unplanned outages(faults).

Customers can report outages and make enquiries about their bills and services acquisitions online, get energy saving tips and get to know their consumption with the help of our tariff reckoner. Customers can get updates on all our projects and works being carried out in their communities to improve quality of service delivery. Our industrial clients can also have access to their bills and consumption profiles online.     

We at ECG have always believed that in maintaining our pioneering role as the market leader in today’s business, it is essential we cultivate a good relationship with our customers. We therefore look to a future of interacting more with our customers and other stakeholders, with the expectation of striving to exceed customer expectation through dedication and hard work.

With our mission in focus, we continue to support the socio-economic development of Ghana.

Kindly follow us on any of our social media pages for current information and updates. Help us get feedback on all our servicers by filling any of our surveys and forms online.

Once again, thank you for the time spent with us.  


ECG at 50



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