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ECG has not been sold, it operates as an asset owner and has a license as a Bulk Energy Trader - Ing. Samuel Boakye-Appiah (MD, ECG)
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Meter Laboratory

The ECG meter laboratory is located inside the Project Office at the Kwame Nkrumah Circle. The lab resourced with 10 state of the art test benches. All lab test of ECG meters are done in the meter laboratory.

A random sampling of 20% of the meters supplied by any manufacturer are released for testing at the laboratory.The meter error limits to which testing is made is determined by the class of meter under test as per IEC 521. For example for a class 1 meter the error limit shall be ±1%.

Where the test results indicate that 98% or more of the sample tested are good then the total consignment are accepted as good for installation.

Where the test results indicate that more than 2% of the sample size is bad, another 40% sample of the consignment is then tested. If the test result of the second sample also indicates that, more than 2% of the sample tested is bad, then the entire consignment is rejected.

All new meters which have been tested and certified by the laboratory as good have the Laboratory’s seal put on the body cover before issued for installation.





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