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Training Center - Programmes

Our training programmes are categorized into five main courses: 

1.          Trainee Artisan Course

2.          Induction/Refresher Course

             3.          Engineering Course

4.          ICT Refresher Course

5.          Courses Run By Consultants



 This is a 2-year training programme organised for newly recruited artisans of the Company.

 Course Content: The course content is in two parts.

 Part 1:

·         Safety and Site Skills

·         Low Voltage termination /jointing

·         High Voltage Cable jointing/termination     

·         Cable network design and construction

·         LV Overhead line design and construction

·         High Voltage Overhead line design and construction

·         Substation equipment practice – principles, operations and  maintenance of transformers, switchgears, protection equipment.

·         Network operation – operation procedures and safety, Network fault analysis, load recording.

·         Distribution Technology – Transmission and distribution systems, Earthing systems Protection systems, Batteries and Changing Equipment, Electrical instruments, Basic Electronics.  

Part 2

·         Work Organization

·         Documentation

·         Tools and Equipment

·         Human Resource

·         Driving Skills

·         Introduction to ICT

·         Customer Services Skills

·         Workshop skills – hand tools, Power tools, tools sharpening, tapping/screwing, marking out/measurement (Optional)



This is a course organised for existing artisans, tradesmen and newly engaged electrical engineers/technicians.

Course content:

·         Low Voltage cable jointing

·         11kV Cable jointing/termination

·         33kV Cable jointing/termination

·         Basic substation maintenance

·         Basic Network  operation

·         Meter Installation

·         Safety



This is a course organised for existing and newly engaged electrical engineers.

Course Content

·         Introduction to power distribution systems

·         Network operations and documentations

·         Network fault analysis

·         Substation and network design

·         Protection systems, application and maintenance

·         SCADA systems and maintenance

·         Power system reliability

·         Types and application of instrument transformers

·         EEG operations and application of switchgears

·         Principles and application of switchgears

·         LV overhead line design and construction

·         11kV overhead line design and construction

·         33kV overhead line design and construction

·         Pole substation erection

·         Safety for overhead line staff

·         Pole erection techniques

·         Introduction to Power system planning

·         Protection system, application and maintenance

·         DC system maintenance -  batteries and rectifiers

·         LV overhead line design and construction

·         HV Overhead line design and construction

·         LV cable jointing /termination

·         HV cable jointing/termination

·         Introduction to power systems planning


This course is to equip all staff with the basic ICT skills required to perform efficiently on the work.

Course Content

·         Introduction to computers

·         Microsoft office tools – Word, access, power point, excel etc

·         Instant Messaging

·         Internet ACCESS

·         Advance  Excel


These are courses that some selected consultants are engaged to run special courses for the staff of ECG. The courses include but not limited to:

·         Performance management process

·         Cost control and waste elimination

·         Performance automation process

·         Retirement planning

·         Sensitizing staff on corporate strategy and improving organizational culture

·         Best practice in grounding, bonding and surge protection of power substations

·         Aerial device training

·         Live line training

·         ICT service management software

·         System documentation and report writing

·         Effective leadership, time for emotional intelligence

·         How to conduct internal investigation

·         Tyre safety training for drivers

·         Fundamentals of power system protection






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