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ECG has not been sold, it operates as an asset owner and has a license as a Bulk Energy Trader - Ing. Samuel Boakye-Appiah (MD, ECG)

Why is thermal power so expensive?

Thermal power is expensive because the fuel used to generate the power is expensive. Unlike Akosombo, Kpong and Bui – the three hydro plants, which use water – the fuels for the thermal plants are gas, light crude oil, distillate fuel oil, heavy fuel oil etc. Even though crude oil prices are going down, thermal fuel is still more expensive than water, which is free once trapped behind a dam. We have had to add new thermal generation to ensure that we always have adequate generation equipment plus reserve to meet all contingencies. We have also had to make up for the inability of the dams to produce power at their maximum capacities. For example, the Akosombo Dam is only producing 500MW of its rated capacity of more than 1000 MW.

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