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Name: Ezra Ama Otu-Ansah (MRS)


When were you employed in ECG?

22nd January 2001

Why did you choose ECG?

I was motivated to work with ECG because of the unique services rendered i.e. electricity distribution as well as the many professionals in the organisation. I am a person that love to take any challenge and opportunity for growth. As long as I am contributing and I continue to develop and grow, I gain satisfaction.

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In 1999, the Public Utilities Regulatory Commission adopted a tiered residential rate structure that had unintended consequences, especially for pre-paid customers.
Recognising the growing complexity of the tariff, ECG has realigned the tariff to a simpler one and provides residential customers, who consume above the lifeline, rate some long-overdue relief from high bills. It also brings some huge relief to prepaid customers who consumed above the lifeline threshold because of the complexity of billing.
Changes in the tariff take effect from July 1, 2016. Mr Ebenezer Baiden, Electricity Company of Ghana’s General Manager for Regulatory and Governmental Affairs, explains what changes are expected for residential customers from July 2016 and beyond.


Editor’s Note: ECG customers have questions about the operations of the company and get to know more about the brand. With our new series dubbed #meetECG, we get up-close with ECG by engaging senior and middle management on Frequently Asked Questions by customers on ECG operations. If you have any question that we should feature in the #meetECG series, kindly contact us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Metering with Ing. Mrs. Sariel Etwire (SE) is the first of the series. Ing. Mrs. Sariel Etwire is the General Manager/Metering and Technical Services at ECG. Due to the recent complaints by customers on meters, Digital Media Team (DMT) caught up with her in her office to answer questions and seek clarification on issues with regards to Meters.


Editor's Note: The #powerthedream series seeks to bring to the limelight, staffs of ECG whose life have been impacted in one way or the other by ECG. The main focus is about highlighting the success story of staff whom ECG has helped realized their dreams.

The first in the series is with Mr. George Eduful(G.E). He is one person whose story carries a lot of motivation and encouragement to the youth knowing where he came from and where he is at the moment.




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